• Automated,
    and Mobile Data
    Access our data through automated programming interfaces,
    through our online checkout, or through our mobile apps.
    We offer NFIP Flood Zone
    data covering 90% of the
    United States population.

    Gain access to the US Treasury
    OFAC Trade Sanctions
    terrorist watchlist database.

    Learn more about our
    iPhone flood zone app
    or download it now
    from the App Store.
  • Immediate Flood Zone Data
    We offer real-time FEMA and NFIP flood data covering 90% of the United States population.
    Your rating, risk, and back-end systems can
    retrieve automated flood zone certifications
    by connecting to our web service based API.
    Use our iPhone flood zone app to access
    flood data while you're away from your desk.
    Download it now from the App Store.
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control
    Security and Sanctions Data
    Keep your business compliant
    with the U.S. Department of Treasury
    by preventing payments to restricted
    individuals or organizations and
    avoiding transactions involving flagged
    aircraft and vehicles.
    Access the United States trade sanctions database
    to search for higher-risk individuals and entities as part of
    your organization's compliance policies and procedures.

    The data is easily accessed by connecting your software systems
    to our web service based API.
  • Online bulk flood zone determinations
    Google Accounts
Providing geographic NFIP and Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") of the US Department of the Treasury administers data for financial transactions, banking, real estate, and home owners covering the United States.
  • Flood Zone iPhone App
  • Flood Zone iPhone App
  • Flood Zone iPhone App

Use FLOOD ZONE as a quick reference of the FEMA maps while you are out in the field.

Real estate agents, GIS professionals, surveyors, landowners and anyone with an interest in flood related products or services will find this app's subscription service easy, quick and very affordable.

FLOOD ZONE quickly and easily gives you the FEMA designated flood zone of your current location, an address you enter, or a point you choose on a map.

FloodZone Mobile App

App Store
Approximately 90% of the U.S. population
State-level data is update bi-weekly. County and community data is updated daily.
Exclusive for iPhone and iPad
Flood Zone App Details

We have simplified your access to complex government data

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All of the data services offered are designed and built to work with any web or back-end system

  • Developer's API

    Connect your system directly to our real-time feed of data

  • OFAC Compliance

    Use our sophisticated matching tools to enhance your compliance processes

  • Up to date

    Our databases are updated throughout the day, every day of the year

  • FEMA Flood Hazard

    Access U.S. NFIP flood hazard information with your automated systems

  • Official U.S. Data

    We offer consistent results based on our U.S. government sources

  • Advanced Tech

    The web service API allows you to get your systems integrated quickly